Tocolo’s vaginal rejuvenation treatment

Vaginal rejuvenation helps with menopausal symptoms as well as increasing libido.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment from Tocolo Ltd, Watford, Hertfordshire

Are you suffering from vaginal dryness?
Pain during sex?
Incontinence causing stress?
Inability to orgasm?
Labial atrophy?

A non hormonal / non medicated treatment could help. Platelet Rich Plasma for vaginal rejuvenation is a really good treatment which involves collecting your blood, spinning it in a centrifuge and using the plasma to inject into the vagina. Numbing cream helps with any discomfort and it’s a quick procedure.

A recommendation for Tocolo’s vaginal rejuvenation

As I had been to Tocolo before I was thrilled to go back to Wendy to have vaginal rejuvenation. The procedure was relatively pain free with hardly any discomfort. I felt fine after and was able to carry on with my active daily routines. Even through it is early days I have notice a significant difference during sex.

My orgasms now feel more intense and seem to last longer and pre treatment this was not the case. I was unsure about having the treatment but would highly recommend it.

Vaginal regeneration
1 hour 30 minutes • £550
PRP injected into the vaginal area which helps with a number of menopausal symptoms as well as increased pleasure.

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