Here are some of the products used at Tocolo

We use a wide range of FDA approved products and equipment in our aesthetic treatments. Here’s some of our products. We’re always checking for new products and innovations.

You can see the treatments that we have on offer – where we make use of an extensive range of top quality FDA approved products.

Tocolo Health & Wellbeing Clinic products shown above

  • Stylage Lips – dermal fillers
  • Profhilo – skin simulator
  • Celluerase – fat dissolving injections
  • PureSense – range for dermal fillers
  • Intravita – intravenous vitamin treatment
  • Crystetics – skin lesion and blemish removal
  • Dermastamp – medical needling, electrolysis – facial aesthetics treatments
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) – rejuvenating treatment
  • LED light therapy – for use after dermaplaning
  • Enerpeel -– chemical peels
  • Xela Rederm – for dermal fillers
  • TSK – anti-microbial skincare for dermaplaning
  • NCTF – for mesotherapy
  • Bio re-peel – chemical peels
  • Tocolo Health & Wellbeing Clinicweight loss injections
  • Belotero Lips