Information about moles

Here is some information about moles and lesions – various photographic examples.

If you’re concerned about a mole that‘ you ’s on your skin, or a mole that you’ve noticed on family member or a friend’s skin, the best action to take is to get it checked, you can make a mole checking appointment here.

What do these moles all have in common?

They’re all Malignant Melanoma

What about these ones?

They’re all sun damage / low grade skin cancers.

Do you have a new or changing lesion/ mole?

Not all skin cancers look the same.
Would you know what to look for?

Which mole is the Malignant Melanoma?

Left = normal. Right = melanoma!
Did you guess right?

Is this a harmless mole?

This mole was a Melanoma, if it wasn’t checked, a lesion like this you could end up with a big scar or worse!

Melanoma skin cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the UK. (NHS England)

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