Hay fever treatment

Relief from seasonal symptoms

Hayfever symptoms can be incredibly frustrating, many people who suffer from hayfever find themselves stuck indoors during the warmer months, simply because being outside can mean a runny nose, itchy eyes or hives.

You don’t need to keep suffering. Tocolo now offers a hayfever injection which can relieve symptoms for up to three months.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, the injection may be a great option for you:

  • sneezing and coughing  a runny or blocked nose
  • itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears
  • itchy, red or watery eyes
  • loss of smell
  • pain around your temples and forehead
  • headache
  • earache
  • feeling tired

The jab works by reducing the body’s inflammatory and allergic reactions. This injection is not available on the NHS.

Keep up to date with hay fever and pollen levels on the BBC Weather website and app, it offers localised information.

Side effects are minimal and Wendy will check you are a suitable candidate by taking a full medical history prior to carrying out any treatment.

You’re welcome to contact us with any questions on hay fever injections and allergy relief, and to book your appointment.