Free initial consultation

Book your FREE 10 min consultation at or by message or phone 07824 553735.

Before we commence with any treatment, we will carry out an initial consultation – a full medical history and drug history will be taken and documented, as well as any known allergies.

We will also need to know about any previous aesthetic treatments or procedures you may have had.

Tocolo, Watford – rediscovering youthful skin

We will then discuss your needs, wants and expectations. We will then agree an individual treatment plan.

This will last approximately 20 minutes.

If you fail to attend your free initial consultation, any further appointments will incur a booking fee.

If you do go on to have treatment a deposit may be required.

You can book your Tocolo appointment here, you can also phone or message 07824 553735, or email

Here’s our contact page if you’d like to book an appointment.