Minor illness consultation and treatment

  • 30 min consultation : £50

Sexual health screening

  • Prices dependant on test required : from £160. Discount offered for multiple tests

Wrinkle relaxing treatment
Improve the appearance of the skin

  • One area  :  £210
  • Two areas  :  £260
  • Three areas  :  £310
  • Each additional area  :  £50

Facial Fillers
Erase deep facial lines and wrinkles, plump and enhance lips, long lasting effects

  • Tear Troughs  :  £300
  • Lips : £280
  • Lower face  :  £280
  • Temples  :  £350
  • Cheeks  :  £350

Fat dissolving injections
Localised fat deposits are permanently destroyed by injecting a specialist solution  :  £350

Medical Needling
Multiple tiny needles are used to tighten skin, aid collagen production and reduce scarring  :  £199

Teeth Grinding
Relax jaw muscles to protect tooth enamel from the effects of teeth grinding  :  £299

Leg veins are erased by injecting them with a solution which causes them to fade away  :  £250

Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis)
Multiple micro-injections of Botulinum Toxin significantly reduce symptoms for underarms hands and feet  :  £429

Brighten the complexion and remove ‘peach fuzz’ without chemicals  :  £55

Chemical Peel
Smooth and refine skin with minimal downtime (skin care products included in cost)  :  £180

Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation and hair loss
Tiny micro injections contain a cocktail of vitamins and amino acids for facial rejuvenation and to assist in hair regrowth  :  £180

Ear syringing
Removal of waxy deposits, dirt and debris from the ear canal  :  £70

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire) Treatment for anti-aging, hairloss, scarring, stretch-marks.  A safe and natural technique for visible improvement in the condition of skin and hair  :  £349

Intravenous vitamin drip (drip & chill)
No longer available in clinic

Vitamin B12 injection
To help boost energy levels and prevent deficiency  :  £40

PDO Thread Lift 
A non-surgical face and neck lift
– Thread Lift – per thread  :  POA

Mole / blemish / lesion removal
Carried out in a variety of ways (Cryotherapy, electrolysis or surgical removal)  :  Prices from £50

PlasmaPro skin tightening
Tighten loose skin and improve the appearance of stretch marks  :  from £250

Profhilo® (Skin stimulator)
Deeply hydrating treatment which improves skin quality  :  from £350

Minor surgery procedures
Benign mole and cyst removal
Histology reporting also available POA

Price notes:

  • The prices contained listed are ‘starting from’ figures.
  • A bespoke treatment plan is created for every client and a full medical history is taken prior to any treatments commencing.
  • Tailor-made packages available

Please get in contact for other prices, and to book you appointment:
07824 553 735