STI test really helped Watford woman

A woman in Watford was helped by having an STI test (sexual transmitted infection) – she got her condition diagnosed & prescribed.

Wendy Ellis from Tocolo Health & Wellbeing Clinic tells us about a lady who came for a full sexual health screening as she had an ongoing condition resulting in a vaginal discharge.

A woman in Watford really helped from having an STI test (sexual transmitted infection)

She required treatment for that condition, but the results showed that it wasn’t an STI. This type of STI test goes off the the laboratory and gets checked for eight STI infections.

Wendy believes that the woman’s infection would have been less likely to have be picked up her GP, because they normally do a standard swab. It was worth her coming, as it highlighted her discharge.

Tocolo are qualified to give prescripions

In addition to making her aware of her condition, Wendy also treated her, prescribing a course of antibiotics. Tocolo is qualified to prescribe. The prescription that I give are private – not NHS, patients take their prescriptions to a pharmacy to get dispensed.