Cellulite fat dissolving injections

Increased rates of cellulite in women has led to cellulite becoming one of the most requested aesthetic treatments.

Tocolo treatments – cellulite fat dissolving injections

Young people, sportswomen, models and those who are overweight can be affected by cellulite.

Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process in the superficial subcutaneous adipose tissue and it alters the texture of the skin.

Cellulite affects 85% – 90% of women over the age of 20, is often genetic, starts in adolescence, and becomes worse with age. Flabby skin and localised fat deposits also play an important role in the appearance and worsening of the clinical picture.

The main characteristic lesions caused by cellulite are: orange-peel skin, which is the widespread, irregular, bumpy skin that alters the whole area affected by the process and the singular introverted lesions, caused by retracting fibres, that vary in shape, number and appearance.

Celluerase – fat dissolving injections

The inward-looking injuries are the target of treatment with Celluerase. Using Celluerase, multiple accesses are made in the skin in order to reach and correctly break the retracting fibres.

These are minimum access and closed without using sutures or anything else. Subsequently, the patient must wear an elastic compression sleeve for at least one week.

The treatment will inevitably be followed by bruising which, to all intents and purposes, can be considered an integral part of the treatment.

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